How to Pre-Screen Potential Virtual Assistants

If you are in the process of hiring a new virtual assistant, you might be wondering how to properly evaluate them to avoid potential issues later. Here are some things to consider when you are taking the plunge and hiring a virtual assistant! You want to ensure that your new assistant is a good fit, meets the needs you are looking for, and works independently so you can focus on what matters to you.

How to Pre-screen Potential Virtual Assistants (1)


How to Pre-Screen Potential Virtual Assistants

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great opportunity to free up some valuable time and focus on the areas you are passionate about! So, what steps do you need to do before you can find the perfect virtual assistant?

What Type Of Virtual Assistant Are You Looking For?

First and foremost, you will need to evaluate your needs. Here are some questions you may want to address before you begin your search, so you are can review potential candidates with purpose.

  • What specific tasks are you willing to outsource?
  • How quickly do you need each task or project completed?
  • Is there any additional training that you will need to provide to have them ease into your workflow?
  • What is the most efficient way to communicate with them?
  • What is my budget?


A dedicated virtual assistant company, allows you to work with the same assistant consistently even if they have multiple assistants on staff. This can be a great option if you want to keep a consistent workflow throughout your online business. As you scale up, remember having a dedicated support staff manager will help you focus on areas you are most passionate about.

Learn how to build a productive relationship with your virtual support staff.

Use a dedicated virtual assistant for these types of tasks/projects:

  • Social Media Management
  • Long-Term Content Contributor
  • Support Staff Management
  • Videography/Photography
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service


Do you need help with projects for a specific amount of time? For instance, I have a number of clients who request filler content while they prepare to take a vacation. They only need a set amount of articles to help them fill their editorial calendar. Keeping a list of your preferred task-based virtual assistants can give you much needed time off to stay balanced.

Use a task-based virtual assistant for these types of tasks/projects:

  • Design: e-books, printable resources, etc.
  • Product Launch Support
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Business & Branding Coaching
  • Short-term Content Creator

Finding the right VA reduces the risk of overwhelm

Ask for Portfolio and Testimonials

This is a big one. A portfolio is a great way to see exactly the style of work your potential VA is capable of. Also reading any testimonials from past clients will give you a good feel on their work ethic.

  • Did they meet deadlines efficiently?
  • Did they listen and meet the needs of the client?
  • How well did they communicate with their former client?

Make sure to carefully look over their portfolio, and look at past work samples, to see if that is the quality of work you are searching for. When looking for a VA to hire, you want to ensure that you are taking your time, so you can hopefully find the perfect fit for your business the first time.

Free Printable Virtual Assistant Pre-Screening Worksheet

You Can Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant – Don’t Settle

There are so many qualified virtual assistants available that you should never feel like you are settling. You work hard and you are investing in someone else to help you become more productive and profitable. So, make sure you are happy with the work they provide. Below are a few more pointers to keep in mind when you are searching out a new assistant.


Make sure to look at the virtual assistant’s rates, whether it’s per hour or per job. You want to be confident that they fall well within your budget. If you have a limited budget, think about outsourcing tasks you absolutely dread to do. They may not require an excessive amount of time but they are just energy suckers.


Make sure to look at their service policies so you clearly understand refunds, payments, and turn around time. What happens if they are out of the office sick, or on vacation and so on. Look to see what the satisfaction guarantee is so if an issue arises you are prepared to know how they will handle the situation. If something is vague or unclear make sure to ask questions through e-mail so everything is documented.

Response Time

When you are messaging or e-mailing a potential virtual assistant, look at their response time. Do they reply in a timely manner? The reality is you don’t want to know how busy they are with other clients, you want to know if they will provide you exceptional service.

Small Sample Task

If you are feeling like you are getting close to wanting to team up, consider asking for a small task job. This allows you to see their work first hand. This is a perfect way to invest a small amount to review the quality of their work, without diving in head first.

Virtual Assistant Pre-Screening Worksheet Small

I hope that these tips will help you find the right virtual assistant! Once you find the perfect VA, you will be amazed by the weight that gets lifted off your shoulders, and the time it frees up. Don’t forget to grab your free printable pre-screening worksheet to help you through the process.